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Dear friends of Saint Tabitha,
In the name of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit Amen
I want to take this opportunity to introduce my self to you all who are following our daily progress at Saint Tabitha.
It has been a long journey to me together with my wife Presbitera Dorah Airo and my own children Emmanuel, Eleni and Antroniki.  When I started this charity programs in Kibera slums, God directed me to move the children from the slum to a place where we can buy land and construct good houses for the children. Through your support our dear friends I can see my dream coming true .
In four years time we have done a lot as you can see the pictures.
  • We have been able to construct nine permanent classrooms.
  • We have also constructed a good house where the kids are staying before we construct dormitories for girls and boys .
  • We are now struggling to raise money for the dormitories.
  • At the orphanage we have been able to set up income generating projects which can generate some money in future .
  • We have dairy farming
  • We have poultry farming
  • We also have land where we can plant vegetables.
This is through your generous support.
We are hoping to be able start receiving money from our projects starting from the year 2022.
Donations can be given through Paypal using the address
This money will be enough to run our daily programs.
My kind request is to ask you kindly to support me get money to feed our poultry during this diffic ult moment.