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Dear Family and Friends,

The children of St. Tabitha Orphanage and School in Malava, Kenya now live in a new home thanks be to God and your generosity.  A large donation received recently will be used to finish the interior.

Father Agapios blessing the chicken coop and fields



St. Tabitha House has come a long way to becoming self-sustainable.  The land has a well and a stream which irrigates the vegetable field.  There are cows and chickens too.  We are currently looking into installing solar panels to provide power.  There is plenty of sunlight for it!




The milk cow!


Now is the time to build the school.  It will consist of two temporary buildings with a total of nine classrooms constructed using timber and metal roofing and siding.  Until then, the children have to walk 8 kilometers (5 miles) a day to the old rented schoolhouse and back. 

Several of the children have contracted malaria and other illnesses due to the distance they have to walk during the rainy season.  They have almost all recovered, thanks be to God and your generosity, which enabled Fr. Agapios to afford medical care.

As you can imagine, everything is harder in Africa, especially in the rural areas where St. Tabitha House is.  These children have advantages now that most do not, including prospects for a productive future for themselves as well as for Kenya.  To continue the momentum, we now need to put up the two structures for the school as soon as possible.  The estimated cost is $3000.00.  Desks are $50.00 each.

Monthly expenses still have to be met.  They total $2500.00.  You can view the budget here.  

Please consider donating to St. Tabitha Orphanage and School.  Literally any amount goes a long way to providing for the needs of the children.  I am traveling to Kenya with my daughter Lizzie in March of 2020 and look forward to seeing first hand what you have helped accomplish.

Thank you all again for your donations and prayers.   May God bless you all.

Warm regards,

VRev. Peter Tobias