We have children from the age of 2 years to 17 years who are in primary and secondary school.

We also have those who are in college from 23 years to 30 years.  We are training them so that they can offer their services to the children after completing their studies.

Our daily routine at Saint Tabitha Orphanage is set in order to instill the spiritual and mental discipline in the children to provide stability, tranquility and order to their daily lives.

We have employed four workers care for the children and ensure they are safe and happy all the time. During the week, the children rise at 4:20am so that they can be prepared to go to school.

They have to take breakfast at 5:15am after morning prayers.

Those who have to go school, which is about 20 kilometers away from the orphanage, have to use public means of transportation to go to school. Those who go a near by school are taken to school by one of our workers. They all have to be in school by 6:30 am so they have be punctual.

They return for lunch at the orphanage because we cannot afford to pay for them to have lunch at school. In the evening, we make sure they have done their homework before anything else.

They are then served with supper at 7:30pm

Every Saturday we have a cleaning program and every child has to participate.

Some of the children are assigned to the farm where they tend to the chickens and pigs and some are assigned the shamba where we have planted different types of crops. This instills in them a work ethic and a sense of responsibility that is so crucial to their proper formation.

Religion is taught every weekend so the children are properly formed in the faith.