Ongoing Needs

St. Tabitha House is home to 26 children from the Kibera Slum of Nairobi and meets all of their needs. Their expenses for basic needs are as follows:

  • Food: $500 per month
    • $19.25 per child
  • Hygeine (soap and toiletries): $130 per month
    • $5 per child
  • Clothing
    • Clothing for the Orphanage
      • $3.50 per child per month
    • School Uniforms for 24 Children
      • $15 per child annually
  • School Supplies
    • Stationery
      • $2 per child per month
    • School Fees for 20 Children
      • $150 per child per school year
    • High School and College Fees for 6 Students
      • $400 per child per school year
  • Healthcare (for the orphanage)
    • $200 per month in total
  • Operating Expenses
    • Rent: $100 per month
    • Utilities: $100 per month
    • Salaries
      • $200 – Two caregivers are each paid $100 each per month.
    • Food for livestock (4 pigs and 15 chickens) : $250 per month
  • Addendum
    • St. Tabitha House has moved approximately half of our children from Nairobi to a small farm in Kisumu. There is only one residential area at the new location, and a dormitory for boys needs to be built.


We accept donations directly to the mission via PayPal and through the GoFundMe page set up by a benefactor. We maintain a close relationship and financial transparency with the Diocese of Kisumu and All Western Kenya, and we will be happy to provide references upon request.

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