Through the Blessings of His Grace Bishop Athanasius Akunda of Kisumu and all Western Kenya, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the friends who have been supporting the children at Saint Tabitha Orphanage from the time we relocated from Kibera slums until now.

I want to thank our dear mother Catherine Sofikitis who created the GoFundMe account in order to raise money for saint Tabitha orphanage. It has not been easy for Catherine to raise money every month to support the orphanage, but through the grace of God she managed to pay fees for a full year, salaries for caregivers, and all other expenses which are basic.

On 3rd of January, the schools will be opening again. We need to pay the school for the children as usual.We have been supporting 26 children in primary school, six in high school and four in colleges.

Two months ago one priest died, and he left four children. We have taken these children at our centre.

We are planning to open a preschool to accommodate the young children who are under 4 years of age. This school will be called SAINT TABITHA ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. We need to pay rent of $400 and teachers salaries of $200.

We need to pay rent for the houses where the children are staying $100.

We need to pay the staff too. $180

We need money for food $500

For the children to report to school on 3rd we need to pay fees:
Primary $900
High school. $700
Colleges. $300

We therefore kindly request for your support through our GoFundMe account so that we will be able to provide for these children.

Visit the GoFundMe page at www.gofundme/

In Christ,
Fr Agapios, founding Director at Saint Tabitha Orphanage
Catherine Sofikitis, Saint Tabitha Orphanage Director of GoFundMe Account

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